About Us


Our services are comprehensive and include full project and program delivery within demanding budgets and time constrains

IFG Group has developed into a well-known, well-respected entity with headquartered in Washington DC and has office in New York with a diverse business interests. IFG Group of Companies’ diverse portfolio covers a wide range of disciplines in Construction and Development.

We develop solutions that best fit our clients’ objectives. Our construction services are comprehensive and include full project and program delivery within demanding budgets and time constrains. Honesty and truthfulness are the common threads woven throughout the IFG Group of companies. These core values not only preside as the foundation of its companies but they are also the key factors for its continuing success and devotion to new opportunities.

IFG Group’s staff actively providing professional construction services in USA and East Africa.   Since its inception, it has grown through its well respected name, brand building and its knowledge of the global markets. It has also expanded its global reach through strategic partnerships.

The group core team comprises of a solid group of seasoned, talented and well-trained experts who have the drive to excel and the determination to perform to their highest potential while willing to take on challenges and explore new concepts.

Our accomplishments and successes are a result of the collaborative relationships we have fostered among our strategic partners, associates, industry experts.  

As moving forward, IFG Group of companies welcomes new projects and strategic partnerships with excitement and enthusiasm and it is proud to be leading the way.

We utilize our international team members to deliver world class solutions. A Global presence, local know-how.


IFG quickly adopts and applies the latest developments in technology.

Our team of professionals at IFG is our most important asset. Likewise, IFG employees are committed to success; ensuring increased productivity and profitability on every project. At IFG, we want to be a company that is known for its leadership in corporate ethics and responsibility. A company where employees are proud to work, and customers, partners and suppliers want to do business with.


IFG has close relationships directly with suppliers and factories.

Our strong market presence lies in our relationships between the United States and other emerging world markets. Our connections within these and other developing countries, with subcontractors and industry leaders alike, enable us to bring clients the best services available. Our close relationships directly with suppliers and factories ensure the best quality products at affordable price to our customers.


In terms of People and Product


IFG understands that earning the trust and respect of those we serve is an attribute. We foster an environment that is open and transparent. The basic principles that govern our highest standards are;

  • We perform at a high level of achievement and contribution;
  • We act with speed and agility;
  • We achieve our results through teamwork; and
  • We conduct our business with uncompromising honesty and integrity.

Every person at IFG is an ethical leader, regardless of title or job responsibilities.  We are committed to continuing to evaluate to ensure we live up to our reputation as a model corporate company with the highest ethical standards.

We regard our human resources as the most significant component in creating sustainable growth.

We strive to ensure that people of different beliefs, views and opinions work together in harmony

Our employees are our most valuable assets and we strive to provide employee safety and security as our primary goal.

We develop and implement approaches to ensure that all of our partners and particularly our suppliers act in accordance with social responsibility standards of IFG Group.


We enjoy forming strategic partnerships with industry experts.

IFG is committed to delivering services and facilities that enhance discovery, exploration, and knowledge by utilizing:


  • Strong and lasting partnerships with our clients to progressively accomplish their goals.
  • Organization of our corporate structure to respond to unique client’s needs and expectations.
  • Corporate commitment to total quality expressed in all parts of our organization establishing “quality circles” for constant improvement in meeting our goal of zero defects in every facet of our services.


We enjoy forming strategic partnerships with industry experts.

Although IFG Development is composed of individuals with shared vision and work ethic, we recognize that a number of projects greatly benefit from collaboration. We enjoy forming strategic partnerships and collaboration with industry experts for mutual benefits.